FS-100S Infusion Monitoring System

FS-100S Infusion Monitoring System

One FS-100S Infusion Monitoring System matches per department / floor ward; also can achieve management of the whole Hospital-care Network if necessary. Each basic unit consists of the following four parts.


(一)FS-100 Medical Infusion Monitoring Instrument (the device)

FS-100 Medical Infusion Monitoring Instrument【Network-device】can transfer the IV massages and the device’s work status to the central computer. In the meanwhile, the device can receive the relative orders from the central computer.

In networking, the device may have built-in wireless module with different types such as RF, WIFI, ZigBee and etc. While the wireless module is limited by its transition frequency which should be “Licensed Band”, and its transmit power should below 100mW, or use “Chartered Access Band” such as 3G, meanwhile, its chartered transmit power should be in accordance with relevant standards.


(二)ZigBee Gateway

ZigBee Gateway is to relay signals and transmit the data to the Central Monitoring Computer. Each department will install 4-6 ZigBee Gateway and the number of ZigBee Gateway is based on the difference amount of total beds and planer structure of the floors for unobstructed communication between the devices and the central monitoring computer. ZigBee Gateway are better to install on relatively empty regions such as the corridors and the ceilings, and keep on special power supply. ZigBee Gateway carries its own power adapter, as long as there is diphase power socket.

(三)Central Monitoring Station

FS-100S Infusion Central Monitoring Station is installed in nurse station, which is comprised of computer host and monitor. It’s suggest that using the existing computers for budget saving which also can be equipped with an additional wall-mounted LCD monitor with large-screen to meet customer requirements.

Product system has two basic usages for two scenarios.

【Standard Mode】 :One device match per bed, which is suitable for VIP and good service area.

【Optional Mode】:8-15 devices match beds number optionally each area, which is much better used in night.


【Standard Mode】Monitoring interface

【Optional Mode】Monitoring interface


(四)The Mobile Monitoring Terminal

FS-100S Infusion Mobile Monitor Terminal includes PDA, Medical Computer Cart, Android Smartphone, Smart Watch and etc. to respond to client demands.