Mobile Monitoring Terminal-SmartWatch APP

Mobile Monitoring Terminal-SmartWatch APP

SmartWatch is light, smart and easy to carry with. Do not need to increase additional nursing device, the SmartWatch can enable the eyes of sci-fic nurses, let them see the IV condition for a long distance.

Interface of SmartWatch is divided into 【Standard Mode】and 【Optional Mode】, which is basically the same as Central Monitoring Interface.

In Standard Mode, nurses are able to select “MY BEDS” as their own requirements, All beds can be selected by taping “ALL” button, as users’ requirement. (eg. Nurses are on night duty).

In Optional Mode, taping “ALL” button for device usage.


【Standard Mode】: After the device come into operation, the matched bed will turn green and present in “MY BEDS” automatically.

【Optional Mode】: After the device come into operation, it will firstly present at the top of “MY BEDS” list. Tap the device ID, after it is manual configured to match the device ID and selected bed ID, the device will be arranged in bed ID order.

Users can input the Drops Count Limit Parameter (Upper Limit Parameter & Lower Limit Parameter) and the Capacity Parameter via the slide pointer on the Watch Interface, and the display of Watch APP Interface is basically the same as that of the Central Monitoring Interface. The unusual status will be appeared in the “NOTE” column when the infusion is in the status of “too fast”, ”too slow”, “stop” and other device fault conditions and alarmed by vibration or voice.